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Dedicated to Serving the Athlete

Gimbal Sports is a dynamic sports, media, and marketing agency, serving as a crucial support system for both established and emerging athletes. Our expertise in contract negotiations and cutting-edge marketing strategies positions our clients for success in the fast-paced sports world. We excel in crafting favorable contracts, securing high-profile endorsement deals, and navigating Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. At Gimbal Sports, we’re dedicated to the holistic professional development of athletes, offering a comprehensive and supportive environment that guides them at every career stage.
Moreover, our commitment to the athlete extends beyond mere business dealings. We understand that an athlete’s career involves more than just performance in their sport; it encompasses their personal brand, public image, and long-term financial stability. Therefore, we provide tailored advice and strategies on brand management, media relations and financial planning. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that our athletes are equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to make informed decisions, both in and out of the arena, setting them up for sustained success and a fulfilling life after sports. At Gimbal Sports, we don’t just represent athletes; we are dedicated to their overall wellbeing and lasting legacy.

Athlete Empowerment

At Gimbal Sports, our commitment is to empower our clients with genuine, innovative ideas, honest feedback, and a shared belief in our collective potential. We achieve this through a wealth of resources, strong relationships, and specialized in-house expertise, offering our clients:


At Gimbal Sports, giving back is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We believe in leveraging our success and resources to support and uplift others in the industry. Whether it’s through mentorship programs, community projects, or supporting charitable causes, our commitment to making a positive impact goes beyond our immediate professional circle. This dual focus on connectivity and contribution is fundamental to driving progress, fostering a spirit of collaboration, and building a more inclusive and supportive industry for everyone.

Our Experts Team Members

Dane Dixon


Dane Dixon is a seasoned corporate attorney and business-savvy CEO and founder of Gimbal Sports. Dane’s career is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and his diverse range of skills. He has been integral in client representation, particularly in the realms of Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Management, contributing to over $15 billion in total deal work. A distinguished alumnus of Howard University School of Law and a top graduate of his class, Dane refined his legal prowess there, also serving as a Senior Articles Editor for the Howard Law Journal. His impressive academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, complemented by a minor in Finance.
Dane’s commitment goes beyond the traditional boundaries of business and law, extending into the sporting arena. His experience as a collegiate basketball player not only highlights his dedication and team ethos but also grounds his approach in providing transparent guidance and mentorship. By blending his fervor for sports with his professional expertise, Dane has become a Certified NBA Player Agent, representing a wide array of athletes across multiple sports at all levels.
At Gimbal Sports, Dane is dedicated to leveraging his legal expertise, financial acumen, and comprehensive understanding of the sports industry to serve our clients. Dane specializes in client representation, contract negotiations and NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) deals. His extensive contract drafting experience allows him to adeptly navigate the complex nuances of the sports industry with ease and precision.

Brad McEwan


Brad McEwan is an accomplished corporate attorney and the business savvy COO and Co-Founder of Gimbal Sports. Brad’s career in corporate law is marked by his involvement in business acquisitions worth more than $15 billion in total deal value. His professional journey began at the National Basketball Association, where he served as an Associate Staff Accountant, and assisted with the financial management of the NBA’s digital assets, including NBA TV, the NBA App,, and NBA League Pass.
Brad’s academic credentials are equally impressive. A top graduate of his class, he received his Juris Doctor, manga cum laude, in 2019 from the Howard University School of Law, complementing his Bachelor degree in Accounting. He also pioneered the law school’s NY Pro Bono Scholar Program, becoming Howard’s first NY Pro Bono Scholar and paving the path for law students to take the New York bar examination before they graduate.
At Gimbal Sports, Brad is responsible for business operations, merging his extensive legal and financial knowledge with his deep-rooted passion for sports. He specializes in brand partnerships, marketing, media, and NIL (Name, Image and Likeness) contract negotiations.